Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Road 2011

In April I entertained my 17 year old grandson for a week of college visitations.  I feel definitely blessed that my daughter has managed to raise such a grand grandson.  We had a ball together.  I hope he enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him.  After I put him on an airplane to return home, I packed and, together with a friend, we drove to St Augustine to photograph the birds at the natural rookery on the grounds of the Alligator Farm.  Literally thousands of Wading Birds make their way to St Augustine Alligator Farm to give birth and raise the next generation.  Egrets of all types, Herons, Wood Storks, Ibis...and, this year, at least a dozen nesting pairs of Roseate Spoonbills.  All of this within 50 yards of the boardwalk that winds itself through the area and over the water which harbors the alligators.  The birds depend on the alligators to keep predators away from their nest and, occasionally and unwittingly, reward the alligators with a fallen chick or egg. 

From the Alligator Farm, we drove up to Charleston for the weekend of April 29th where the CNPA Photography Weekend was taking place. Nearly 100 photographers participated in daily photo shoots in and around Charleston, SC.  While on Kiawah Island searching for Painted Buntings to add to my life list, I discovered an Anole Lizard who was inflating his sac on a nicely textured tree stump and stopped for a couple of shots....What a surprise when the shot won 1st place in the contest held as part of the activity.  Here is the prize winner:

I also managed to finally spot and photograph the Painted Bunting while on the Island:

What an elegant creature.  What an imagination his creator must have!

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