Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Days are Definitely Better than Others

Spent the day at Pee Dee NWR with a bunch of my CNPA friends. We met at 8am and photographed different areas of the Refuge and then met for lunch at a barbecue restaurant near the Refuge. It was one of those days of good (not great) shooting opportunities but great company. As leader of the outing, I found myself worrying about everyone else all day and not my typical day of looking for inspiration for my own image making. There were some new CNPA members on the outing and a few that were especially interesting and fun to shoot with on such a day. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed myself and it turned out to be the best day of the week for me!!
Every photographer probably keeps a list of subjects they would like to explore and so do I. Previously, Owls were near the top of the list. They seemed to avoid me like the plague but this past year I have had several opportunities to make great images of Owls. I once say an Indigo Bunting on one of my backyard feeders but I was unable to photograph it. Today I saw several Indigo Buntings but gave up my chance to shoot them to help other participants get their shot. Another subject that always eluded my was the Tree
Frog. Well, today I was presented with several opportunities t shoot Tree Frogs, and, Boy!, did if enjoy myself and even got some fairly good shots. Here is one of my favorites of the day, enjoy!