Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Things are Bigger out West

I am currently in Las Vegas for a conference and finally got a chance to visit Zion National Park. Left my Vegas Hotel-Casino early Sunday morning and it was an easy 2.5 hour drive to get to the park. Like many of the parks, Zion roads are getting some much need maintenance due to influx of TARP monies. The bad news is that some areas of the Park are near unaccessible. Lucky for me I chose Sunday to visit because there is no construction on weekends and the East area of the park is accessible though a bumpy ride along the road under construction. But if you want to see the Bighorn Sheep in Zion you need to go to the East side of the park which gives access to the higher peaks and areas where the sheep hang out. I explored the West and Southern parts of the park until about 4pm when I retrieved my car, loaded up and headed for the high country. Incredibly beautiful country. And the Sheep were exciting to watch. How do they manage to hang onto the sides of these sheer cliffs? The Columbine I found growing on the side of the cliffs along the river canyon. The wind was blowing like hell but I managed a couple of shots that are okay. Enjoy!!