Sunday, March 19, 2017

Winter in the Outer Banks

For my followers who are still around, please accept my apologies for not keeping you posted for such a long time.  There are many reasons for my absence, not least of which is major spine surgery about 18 months ago and with which I am still suffering severe pain, but these are all excuses and I am not good at making excuses.  This year has started off with a bang, including a couple of weeks shooting in and around the Outer Banks of North Carolina and a week of shooting birds in the Florida Wetlands.  The images above are a few of my favorites from the Outer Banks, visiting Wanchee, a nice fishing town, and a great sunrise on  Mattamuskeet Lake and thousands of Tundra or Whistling Swans on Lake Pocosin.  The relative solitude one can encounter in the winter months makes this area one of my absolute favorites.