Sunday, November 21, 2021

 A visit to the Columbia Riverfront Zoo is usually my antidote for depression.  As I grow older I find myself often "lost" with a too long "todo" list but a complete lack of desire to tackle anything on that list.  I guess it is a hangover from the both my Air Force days and my corporate America days when there were never enough hours in the day to complete tasks but this pressure acted as the needed push to organize, prioritize and get things done rather than throw up my hands and surrender to the urge to give up!  The lower back pain definitely doesn't help these days.  But, as with yesterday, when I spend a few hours at the Zoo I often drive home with a feeling of relief and determination. The Tigers, Lions and Flamengos tend to be my "hangout" areas where I can spend hours waiting for those moments of "Eye Contact" when I feel a special connection with these magnificent creatures.

As the tiger wrapped his front legs around a log, one of the zoo keepers said that she had never observed that behaviour by the tiger before!!