Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It rained last night so I spent some time down near the creek on the Six Mile Creek Greenway today hoping that the dragonflies would be out. They were....and so were the mosquitos. It is interesting watching and photographing the dragonflies. They fly around seemingly aimlessly but I don't believe that at all. Quickly one realizes that if you set up on a spot where one of them landed for a while ... It will reurn to the spot most of the time...you just have to be patient. One learns patience while attempting to do nature photography!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roan Mountain on the Tennesee side

I spent most of Friday at the Roan Mountain State Park. Roan Mountain sits straddle the Tennessee and North Carolina Border and is characterized by 5 "Balds" which are flat areas on the top of the Mountain or Mountain Ridges that are pretty much devoid of trees...only grasses and rocks grow!! I stayed on Roan Bald until 8:45pm waiting for the sun to set...but it was overcast and therefore not pretty!! Oh, well, we can hope for sunrises and sunsets but neither are promised.20080620_NIKON D3_1172
The Mountain is famous for the rhododendrums and flaming azealeas that grow on it's top and they were at peak bloom this weekend!!
Ah, see what God has wrought!!!

Bass Lake: Blowing Rock, NC

Spent most of the weekend on top of Roan Mountain and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. On Sunday I spent an hour or so at Bass Lake near Blowing Rock. The lake is literally full of beautiful water lilies. Here is an image from Bass Lake.


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