Sunday, November 16, 2014

Printing makes your Images Real

Pyrrhuloxia Portrait

I can view images all day on the monitor and they just don't seem real to me and like jelly have no permanent form or shape.  What happened to the days when we would drop our negatives off at the corner drugstore and wait breathlessly to receive a package of prints.  Our parents took those prints and pasted them in albums and carriend them around in their pocket books until they disintegrated.   I long for the days of real photographs...Prints.   I have been participating in digital projected juried exhibitions for a couple of years now but this year decided to see just how close I am to becoming the master printer I would like to be.  My prints cover almost all possible space on the walls of my home but I wondered how they would fair when pit against other print lovers and lovers of the craft of print making.  I 5 print categories, I submitted 4 prints each for a total of 20 prints.  12 of them were accepted into the 2014 PSA International Exhibition.  I was overjoyed, especially when I learned that my print of a Pyrrhuloxia Bird from South Texas gave me the PSA Gold (Best of Show) in the Small Color category.