Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cedar WaxWings

When I see the holly hedges next to my driveway heavy with berries I know that that Cedar Waxwings will be visiting soon bringing with them their honor guards of Robins.  I think the Cedar Waxwings are the prettiest birds we have on the east coast but don't see
them often.  But every year like clockworks when the
holly berries are ripe they swoop in and when they leave not
a single holly berry remains. I have a big tree outside the
front door and it gets so weighted down with Waxwings and
Robins that it sags.  They eat the berries, fly off
over my walkway, dropping their loads of digested berries, fly down to the creek and drink gallons of water and then go back for more berries.  My wife is already complaining so tomorrow hopefully the temperature will rise above 20 and I will hose down the walkway and part of the
driveway where the holly hedges are.   Some years I
just open the garage door and photograph for the couple of hours
it takes them to clean the bushes. They are tough to photograph because of the sheen on their feathers is very easy to overexpose. They always arrive together, the Waxwings and the Robins.  I will see Robins all year but not a peep out of the Waxwings until
next year this time!!