Sunday, July 22, 2012

We often search for something weighty to say for our blogs and when nothing comes to mind we often don't say anything.  I have received several slight jabs lately asking me why my blog is silent these days and I am at a loss to have a good answer.  Except when I think of it, I often have nothing important to say and don't want to bore what followers I have and ... say nothing!  It occurred to me when I was returning home from the Blue Ridge area of the Appalachian Mountains that most folks follow me for the opportunity to view my images more than listen to me wax eloquently about nothing important.  So this post is simply to share with you the above image.  I spent 2 fascinating hours at a site close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and only left because lightning joined the thunderstorm and I thought it would be wise to get out from under the tree that was giving me pretty good cover from the rain.  I was amazed when I finally got around to downloading the images to find that I only clicked the shutter about 30 times during that 2 hours.  The rest of the time I stood rooted watching and enjoying this big patch of Turks Caps in peak condition and hundreds of butterflies flitting about enjoying the nectar.  I have seen and photographjed Turks Caps before but I had never seen before such a BIG field of them and the butterflies were an added bonus.  I feel blessed for having been guided there by Cindy Probst, an Asheville photoghrapher, who is intimately familiar with the Blue Ridge and the Smokies and every flower and plant that grows there.  She shared her "secret" location in one of her email journals and I will be forever grateful to her for this one!!