Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roan Mountain on the Tennesee side

I spent most of Friday at the Roan Mountain State Park. Roan Mountain sits straddle the Tennessee and North Carolina Border and is characterized by 5 "Balds" which are flat areas on the top of the Mountain or Mountain Ridges that are pretty much devoid of trees...only grasses and rocks grow!! I stayed on Roan Bald until 8:45pm waiting for the sun to set...but it was overcast and therefore not pretty!! Oh, well, we can hope for sunrises and sunsets but neither are promised.20080620_NIKON D3_1172
The Mountain is famous for the rhododendrums and flaming azealeas that grow on it's top and they were at peak bloom this weekend!!
Ah, see what God has wrought!!!

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