Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Blue Heron Rookery

Discovered a Heron Rookery about half a mile from my home and have been fascinated by the nesting activity of the birds. I had extensive shoulder surgery late January and have been unable to lift my hand to my camera shutter button comfortably. In spite of that I have been able to get some neat images by pacing myself and resting often. These birds are fascinating to watch. The male goes through an extensive courting ritual including a magnificent display of colorful feathers and beak until he has chosen (or been chosen) by a female. They then go through a nest building phase pausing occasionally to mate!!! The male goes out and finds a stick and brings it back to the female who painstakingly places and anchors it into the fabric of the nest. When the nest is sufficient, the female sits and lays her eggs while the male takes care of finding food for her. The gestation periof for the eggs is 28 days so I am looking forward to seeing the babies in the nest around the middle of April. Will keep you posted!!

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