Saturday, April 18, 2009

Green Heron visits GBH Rookery

I spent a couple of hours watching the Herons this morning. Some of the nests have chicks that are almost the size of their mothers. And a number of the nests have 4 chicks in them. The nests should be getting crowded as they continue to grow. At least one of the females frequently leaves the nest without the male being there and leaving the chicks alone. When she does that they begin to explore like crazy. I was sure they were putting themselves in danger of falling out of the nest as they balanced themselves on the side of the nests and took in the scene below. If they were to fall, it would be goodby to them since they cannot fly and certainly cannot swim!! As I packed up to leave I saw this Green Heron swoop in and begin to hunt for his lunch. Very pretty bird!!

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