Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crowding the nest!!

Spent a couple of hours with the herons today. I reported earlier that there were quite a few nests with 4 chicks in them. I know at least one of the families of 4 lost the runt somehow but I don't believe any of the others have had similar tragedies.
I am amazed though at the patience shown by the "teenagers". Here is a shot of 2 nests, each with 4 "teenagers" in them. These guys are getting big and when the adults arrive there is precious little space in the nest to move around and there is a lot of jockeying for food. You would think that one would lose their balance and be forced to try flying earlier than desired. Just imagine having four growing chicks in one nest...they must get very fed up with one another...just standing there every day growing and waiting to leave the nest. Incredible!!

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