Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Testing new capability

I have been testing a new LR Plugin which allows me to upload an image directly from LR to my Blog, in essence, creating the initial draft of a blog entry without leaving LR. If it works as advertised, I might be encouraged to post more often.
Ah, exported the file, inserted copyright and transferred me to the posting page for clean-up and publishing. Really neat!!

Oh, and the lounging buffalo, one of my shots from "Land Between the Lakes" in Western Kentucky. There is a prairie there that is home to herds of Elk and Buffalo. I grew up in Paducah which is about 25 miles from this particular spot and until this summer had never visited. I was a youngster when Kentucky Lake and Barkley lake and the atomic energy facilities were being built and those were the days of segregation. The area set aside for Blacks was called Cherokee Park and I remember going there for holidays to swim in the lake. It seemed to that teenage boy that it took practically all day to get there and I am always amazed now to find that such an excursion takes only 15-20 minutes. The area has developed into quite a facility and is maintained as a National Recreation Area and is reported as being one of the best Bass fishing area in the country. But it is a photographers dream with the Elk that were imported a number of years ago from Canada and the buffalo and hundreds of birds of every stripe and color. We wildlife photographers like to wait for interesting behaviour to photograph but I kind of like this photo which shows this buffalo doing what buffalo do in the hot days of August in!!!

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