Monday, January 25, 2010

Nature in my backyard

Some days are definitely better than others. While getting a cup coffee I noticed some activity outside the window and peeked out to see dozens of Robins devouring the ripened holly berries on the bushes of my yard. And then I got the bonus, dozens of Cedar Waxwings!! Now while the Robins are okay, the Waxwings are cool birds with their great colors and black masks. I ran and got my camera and worked myself to corner of the house and spent the next half hour cold but happily capturing these neat creatures. All of a sudden, I noticed a larger bird swooping in from the wooded area and saw the Coopers Hawk land in a tree. I watched him for a while and observed him swoop down for what I thought was a frog near the creek. But, no, he had captured one of the Robins for lunch. I got the shot of him on the ground in the leaves and didn't realize that what he had captured was a Robin until I looked closely at what he had in his talons. This is definitely what nature is all about!!

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Roger Crabb said...

Hi Don, glad to see you're still enjoying your camera. I retired last May and so far I'm taking classes in Spanish, Piano and cooking (the last on Julia's insistence). I have a photography course in Feb to get the most out of my digital SLR but I'm not in your league - your photos are inspirational ! Hope all is well with the family. All the best, Roger