Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1 of the journey

My SouthEast US tour started today about 2pm, about 2 hours later than I had intended. It is interesting how on most of my trips I spend the first few hours becoming accustomed to the solitude and trying to set a rythmn that does not include nodding off!! But I finally settled in and before I knew it I was approaching I95 Exit 5 which was my route to the Savannah NWR. I arrived a bit late and entered the Refuge about 5:45p and the sign informed me that the exit gate would close promptly at 6:30p. I didn't have a lot of time to dally but I was able to get a feel for the place. this image was literally the first thing I saw on the 4 mile wildlife loop. The loop has loads of places to park and walk. I only wonder how careful one must be of the alligators!! Well, I intend to find out tomorrow first thing. I'll be there at first light and spend a few hours before continuing to the St Augustine, Fl area. Now for a good night's sleep!

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