Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days for the Herons

I awoke this morning to a fairly decent snow for this part of the country. I immediately grabbed the camera and went about trying to capture the morning. Then I thought of the Herons and grabbed a bigger lens (500mm and 1.4 extender) and proceeded to slip and slide over to the hillside overlooking the rookery. Most of the inhabitants were just standing around looking cold but one pair was busy building (reinforcing) their nest with no regard for the weather that I could see. I was surprised to see the male take a few visits to one of the not yet occupied nests and proceed to take twigs (building materials) from it and take them to his mate to use in building their nest. To me this is akin to taking shingles from the house next door (knowing no one is home yet) and using them to repair your roof!! I was also treated with a Red-shouldered hawk who decided to stop for a while.
Some days are better than others!!

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